published 15 Oct 2015

  • Experimenting with slider drawing by decoupling the “hitcircles” from the track, so after they explode they are no longer visible. You can see some progress here and here, but there’s still more tweaking to be done.

  • I made a new site to keep OS X users up-to-date with the latest information on new releases. Meet osx.ppy.sh!

  • Packaged up a new OS X release. The wrapper is running .NET 2.0 and sitting on stable, and is in a pretty good state. I’ve made some fixes at the osu! client end which will be pushed out tomorrow, so I’d recommend you wait until that update goes live, but you’re free to test the bundle out (or just read about the progress) if you’d like.

  • Preparing for a stable (.NET 2.0) release to address the said wine issues. There’s a bit to be done to make this happen, but I’m waiming for tomorrow.

  • Finally got around to bringing ppy.sh up-to-date with new ppy design. Hope you guys like it!