published 19 Oct 2015

I spent today working on deploying and testing multitude of fixes of bancho, which will likely be deployed tomorrow. THis includes fixes for IPv6 location support as well as many reliability/future-proofing improvements.

osu! got featured this morning on the #1 most subscribed youtube channel PewDiePie. Pretty cool achievement, I guess! I welcome any new players that find the game over the coming days with open arms (and hope the rest of you guys can help do so as well)!

This has seen a pretty sizeable spike in traffic. It’s nice to see the servers getting a workout for a change! Nothing they can’t handle :).

Some fixes have been deployed to the new osu!web forums. Image dimensions are now prefilled, causing less jumpiness when scrolling through threads (especially upwards). There is also support for clicking images to zoom in. We have plenty more usability improvements planned over this week, so keep an eye out and leave us your feedback!