published 21 Oct 2015

Today I rewrote the spinner class. There were quite a few issues with alignment and accuracy which I wasn’t willing to tackle without first tidying up the mess of code which it was. Took far more time than I’d like it to have, but at least that’s one more class which is in a legible state!

  • Managed to deploy the new build of bancho. We’re now ready to support IPv6 connections, when I get around to testing and re-enabling them client-side. Should improve reliability for some areas of the world.

  • I’m considering switching from white to black for osu! tablets, going for a more professional look with the next order. It would end up looking something like this (likely with a more elaborate design). Also looking at including rechargeable higher-quality pens as default.

  • osu!keyboards have been shipped to Japan and we are just waiting to receive them now before we can start selling them again. Keep an eye out if you’ve been waiting!

  • We finalised an osu! mug design and have placed the initial order today. Expect to see some stylish mugs on the store in the coming months, perfect for your morning (or evening?) coffee!

The moon last night was quite spectacular. Have a moon.