published 26 Oct 2015

Today we pushed out some design updates to the new forum system to allow for easier navigation when browsing threads. It should help those of you out there that are feeling the need for pagination. Go check them out.

Also pushed out a new stable (fallback) release which prompts users to switch to stable40 (latest) in a more in-your-face way. If your PC meets the requirements, you will now see a banner on your main menu urging you to update. You should totally give it a try!

Yes, we are aware there are still performance issues for some users on the new stable release. I have made a thread specifically for those which are still affected so we can try and get enough information to track down exactly what is causing these remaining issues. Keep in mind you can always find us devs on our public slack network if you’d like a more real-time interaction.

osu!keyboards have been selling like hotcakes, forcing us to close down new orders while we catch up on shipping them out. We’re doing our best, so please be patient :).