published 28 Oct 2015

Has been a busy couple of days. What’s new?

Volume Control

Reworking of the volume control to match the final osu!next design. Say all you want about osu!next taking a while to get out, but if you’ve been keeping up with the changelog you will understand exactly how busy myself and the rest of the dev team have been on other more critical tasks. Consider that this element was completely reworked in less than a day, using our newer shader architecture.

Needless to say, progress should be fast once we get started! Most of the building blocks are coming together.

Spinner Fixes

Anyone following closely will know that spinners have been a bit broken on cutting-edge recently. They’ve actually been blocking new beta/stable40 builds going out, so I spent most of today figuring out exactly what was going on and ensuring we repair them in a fair way.

When approaching this issue – which was introduced by attempting to fix sub-60-fps spinners giving too much score – the everyone agreed that we really need to rewrite how spinners account for score, removing acceleration and a lot of special cases from the scoring algorithm and only using it for display purposes.

Unfortunately, this would likely create disparity with previous plays, so I put it on the bucket list for when I find enough time to do a proper analysis.

I did happen to come across and fix a weird bug involving replays on maps with lead-in time.

New changelog metrics

I got around to publicising some of the metrics I use on a daily basis to get how the current releases of osu! are propagating out to the community. You can find this new display on the changelog page. Follow me on the journey to get everyone to move across from StableFallback to the Stable40 branch!

Note that some release stream information is missing for older builds. This will be populated going forward (I didn’t add it for older builds because it would break existing disqus comments).

osu!keyboard shipping

We are working through shipping of the first batch of keyboards. They have been labelled and boxed and should be going out tomorrow! Expect more to become available on the store this weekend.