published 29 Oct 2015

At the expense of my inbox piling up to record heights of unread mail, I’ve been making some good forward dev progress.

Shared Project

I mentioned this some time ago, but in order to better support multiple platforms, we need to have slightly different bootstrapping processes for each operating system. To allow for this, the osu! project needed to be migrated to using a shared central projects, with separate full-fledged projects for each OS.

This code is now mature enough to push live build to cutting edge. Nothing for you to see, really, but it works and that’s a good step forward!

Separate User Data Directory

Another change which needs to be made for OS X native support is to move all user data away from the executable and game data. This allows us to properly sign our code while still allowing you to load beatmaps and skins into osu!.

This will be deployed to windows eventually as well, likely splitting most of your osu! installations into two pieces. A lot of you might be shocked and against this, but think of the advantages this offers:

  • You can access your osu! folder by Start > Run > .osu .
  • Your data will be cleaner, without being poluted by osu! system files.
  • There’s no chance you will break osu! accidentally.
  • You can easily migrate just your user data to another PC.
  • You can reinstall, uninstalll, or repair osu! without worrying about losing any of your important data.
  • You can move your user data folder to anywhere on your system.

The final release of this will include a new option to let you relocate your user data folder. For existing users, it won’t automatically migrate your data away to the new folder, but will give you an option to do so (which will be highly recommended).

Draggable volume controls

You can now drag up and down to adjust volume. Not much more to say!

Also fixed a few further regressions with spinners. New beta release going out tomorrow. New stable this weekend. More osu!keyboards this weekend. Next focus is fixing remaining performance issues with stable40. Anyone experiencing such issues get on slack and idle as much as possible.