published 05 Nov 2015

Dedicated a good portion of today continuing performance debugging with testers. Made some forward progress and fixed stuttering caused by texture creation that was previously happening far too often when sliders are being displayed (and created some weird ghost sliders in the process – will be fixed tomorrow!).

Also continued improving performance.log output, which now contains relatively accurate call stacks when a spike is detected! This is basically the gold-mine for debugging performance issues, so I was thrilled to get it working. Also added many new stats and switches which may help us help you fix your performance issues.

I’ve already asked many times, but make sure to share your performance.log whenever reporting stuttering issues. It is of incredible value. Note that it’s still only available on cutting-edge (and even going forward, will not be available on stable releases due to the slight overhead incurred).

Yes, today continue in a chain of boring blog updates. I’m making a lot of important forward progress, though! Don’t forget OWC is starting this weekend, too!