published 13 Nov 2015

And so ends another week. Yesterday’s performance gains were so good that I had to push out a new stable release. While we most definitely haven’t solved 100% of frame stuttering, I feel like we are gradually gaining and understanding of how this is happening and should be able to eliminate it completely in the near future. Let’s just say at the end of the day it may have nothing to do with OpenGL itself (but rather the implmentation of SwapBuffer on different manufacturers’ drivers).

How are you guys finding the latest update?

Today I also finished the last stage of the build propagation graph: it now shows individual stable builds rather than clumping them all together. The graph will now be a lot smoother to look at, and will show the gradual switching of users from one version to another, rather than a sudden drop each time there’s a new release.

OWC Round Of 16 happening this Sunday, so we’ve been busy preparing and stabilising the streaming setup. It looks like we’ve been able to find the cause of the problems last weekend, so things should be a lot nicer to watch this time :).

I’ll likely be merging some more osu!web changes in this weekend (specifically affecting the forum design) so keep a watch over there too!