published 12 Dec 2015

Looks like I’ll be falling back to a weekly entry once again!

  • Received the final sample of the yet-to-be-announced OWC prize! Make sure to follow along with tomorrow’s stream of the grand finals if you want to see what we have coming! Very excited to reveal it :).
  • Been working through some import issues to get the latest batch of osu!tablets on the store. Amazing how much trouble a few incorrect numbers can make on documents. Hopefully they’ll be back up on Monday, but do keep in mind the osu!store will be taking a break over Christmas again this year.
  • I put aside some time this week to improve the osu!store admin tools to be able to modify orders and addresses. Saves these issues falling back to me to complete at a lower level.
  • Still receiving your feedback about remaining performance issues. We’ve still got plenty to try out, so keep the logs coming on slack! As expected, Optimus architecture systems still seem to be an issue (low performance on dedicated GPU).
  • A new history architecture went live for the osu! editor, thanks to TheVileOne. This fixes the memory consumption issues of the old system and should make restoring undo states (and placing new notes on very long beatmaps) a much smoother experience.
  • Spent some time (as I do each month) reviewing server security. Strengthened server firewall rules and centralised logic for distributing these rules to each server.
  • Moved our cloud-based development environment to Singapore (used to be in the US) to allow for lower latency access from the main locations our devs work from. This reduces latency from 110-280ms to 60-110ms. Makes for a much smoother experience when not using local deployments (sometimes we need to test on more active live data).

I realise I haven’t streamed yet this week. Will try to fit some in tomorrow before the OWC finals! Better be there for those ;).