published 15 Dec 2015

I’m going to be mirroring a few recent updates I made on twitter, but there some more exciting new content too!

  • OWC 2015 was a blast. Amazing tournament to watch. Thanks to everyone who participated and everyone who watched on! We announced the physical prize that in my eyes is even cooler than the money prize: a unique pin badge set that is exclusively produced for 2015-2016 official tournaments!

  • So congratulations to USA taking away around $2,500 in prize money, China with $1,600 and Poland with $800. Prizes will be distributed early next year once we have the logistics in place.

  • Thanks to the 1,266 people who supported the tournament through a profile banner purchase. You managed to cover half of the prize pool, which is a huge help!

  • We’ve had a few issues getting tablets through the docks, but it looks like they should be back on the store tomorrow. Keep in mind we won’t be able to ship too many before Christmas, and the osu!store will be taking a brief break over the holidays.

  • osu! mugs are on their way early next year! We have a few other new products coming mid-to-late January, so keep your eyes open.

  • I rewrote BSS storage logic once again to improve reliability. It seems that the C# AWS SDK just wouldn’t live up to its name, so I’ve switched to using a command-line alternative. Been keeping a close eye on the server and it hasn’t fallen over once, so this is looking promising. We also have a patch incoming to the stable release tomorrow which helps with slow internet connections failing BSS uploads.

  • Currently have someone working on revamping the osu! interface sounds to make it feel much more awesome. I’ve always felt that for a rhythm game, osu! really doesn’t pay enough attention to sound effects. Keep in mind this is a work in progress, but consider it an example of the level of detail we plan on applying to the whole game as we move forward.