2016-04 dev meeting

published 04 May 2016

Guess who’s back again with another set of delicious monthly meeting notes? Ephemeral, that’s who.

There’s a fair bit to get stuck into this month, so let’s get cracking straight away. As always, these notes only encompass a tiny portion of what is actually going on behind the scenes, so get hyped!

  • Progress on the open-source branch known as “LAZER” progresses at a good pace. Additionally, one portion of osu!’s performance metric calculator went open source in the days before the meeting, allowing the technically inclined members of the community to create their own pp calculators.
  • The osu!tournament client is slated for a number of improvements in the coming months, ranging from performance upgrades to new feature additions. One such addition is the inclusion of a “score drift” bar, which will let viewers see a clean representation of the score difference between the two teams. This sounds little, but is actually a huge increase to the readability of a match when viewed as a spectator. A live prototype of this concept already exists, and we’re just waiting for a final design to get it out!
  • The final days of the current forum system draw near. The list of tasks that need to be completed before the move to the osu!next forums grows smaller and smaller with each month, and we’re well on track for full deployment of the new forum software by the end of the year, probably even a lot sooner.
  • New options will be added to the game client when playing qualified maps. These options will hinge around the new reporting system introduced in the wake of the recent QAT changes, allowing users to quickly and effortlessly report issues with qualified maps on the fly.
  • More progression achievements are slated for release later in the month. These new achievements will be tiered and available to almost everybody from the get-go. So far, there’s over 24 achievements in the set to be released, and the number is likely to increase. We’ll be looking at more map-specific achievements in the future, as well.
  • Mapping bounties for official tracks will make a return this month. Once the old bounties for the cYsmix tracks and the circles! track are sorted out, we plan to release a bunch more and get the system governing them working a lot more smoothly. Map awesome music and get cool shit for it!
  • More video content will be coming out for the osu!academy later in the month. We’ve also merged the ailing osu!news channel into the osu!academy so that people do not have to subscribe to multiple channels to get their osu! fix. There’s also a few series from last month which have been delayed, but should be released later on as well.

There was also a slight incident involving an airhorn bot, but we shall never speak of it again.

See you next month!