come join us devs!

published 01 Aug 2016

I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but wanted a single post I can link to when inviting new people to the discord network, so here it is!

Recently we moved our public dev chat from slack to discord, and it has been working quite well so far. Anyone is welcome to join, but in order to talk there you will need to follow the instructions in the #announcement channel to get approved. This is just to keep things safe and secure for all participands.

If you’re interested in following what is happening in the world of osu! dev - whether you want to participate or just watch over what we are doing - please follow this link to join the network.

DO NOTE that this is intended for development talk only. We don’t tolerate chit-chat. There are plenty of other discord networks for such chat to happen, but this one is low traffic so those involved in dev are able to keep up with everything going on without getting overwhelmed.