a little framework test

published 12 Aug 2016

We’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes on the framework osu! runs on (the lazer project). Today I took a step back to test a week of intense coding changes with smoogipooo to see how things feel and work.

I made a little game which took 5 hours and 375 lines of code to write. Would have been 2 or 3 hours if I didn’t find some bugs along the way with the framework (this was my intention, so I am very happy).

Download here (30mb because it contains osu! resources, sorry)


  • W to move up
  • S to move down
  • D to boost
  • tab to autoplay

I’ll release the full source for this in the near future. And yes, this will likely appear as a game mode for osu! in the future (maybe a just-for-fun one like target practice :).

We are making great progress here. Big cogs are turning!

Enjoy your weekend!