This Week in osu!

published 15 Feb 2013

Yet another busy week (and a bit) still catching up on support queries, combatting increasing amounts of cheating and putting some extra time into osu!stream. Making good forward progress, though!

  • The in-game chat FAQ system has now been moved to the more manageable google docs format. This means that anyone can contribute both FAQ entries and localisations to other languages. Currently you can query specific languages by adding the language code before your !faq command.

    !faq ask will return the first language found (defaulting to english)

    !faq it:ask will return the same faq entry in italian, but fall-back to english if not found.

    You can find more details about contributing and localising in the osu! localisation project thread.

  • BanchoBot now has a profile! Keep a watch as we build this up into something which will hopefully help people harness his power.

I thought I had more to say, but it seems these are the only recent changes that have been made which are of a nature I can make public. I can say that I am now up-to-date to the point I can hopefully clear out the open bug tickets and push some new features I’ve been working on out into the public :). Stay tuned.