a quick update

published 01 May 2014

I’m very aware that I haven’t been posting much here. It mainly boils down to the fact that as long as I have things to do that are directly contributing value to osu!, I avoid spending my time writing. I have a few posts written up in a semi-complete state, but haven’t had a chance to finalise them yet. Don’t go away; I will make things happen eventually.

So what has happened over the last four months?

  • I’ve been working on expanding the osu! team. If you think you have what it takes (highly motivated, ambitious, fast-learning) then get in touch.
  • Second batch of tablets arrived this week, and I have been busy busy writing up a web store from scratch to handle the sales. Coming this weekend at latest.
  • Moved the new osu! website to run completely on hhvm. Have been sinking a lot of time into this to ensure it is a strong framework ready to handle rapid expansion in the future.
  • Working on getting many more products to the coming osu!store, including plushies, stickers, better quality t-shirts and more!
  • Setup continuous integration for osu! client builds. I can now create new test/public builds without having a dev environment on my local PC, which is pretty amazing.
  • Moved all storage to Amazon S3. Any of osu!’s infrastructure can now be deployed within a few minutes without having to worry about locally stored content. This is pretty huge!
  • Refreshed the server which bancho runs on to allow for future expansion.
  • Further automated server monitoring and response to better handle issues that previously required manual intervention.

For those wondering about osu!stream (see my last post), I haven’t been able to post an update as the issues are still on-going and I don’t believe it is in my interest to release details until I reach some kind of resolution. Apologies to those who have been waiting to hear more.

I have been pretty busy in real-life, travelling back to Australia land to attend (and handle videography) for a wedding, renewing visas and bringing the books up-to-date to file my tax return. Things should be a bit calmer over the next six months, so expect more soon.

I’ll try and throw some update posts like this to keep you guys in the loop of what I am up to.