a quick update

published 26 May 2014

I have so much I want to post about, but no time to do so. Let’s continue with quick updates because it’s much better than nothing at all!

  • I’ve decided to focus on open-sourcing the whole of osu! as soon as possible. This means that my previous post mentioning needing new team members is temporarily on hold while I restructure things. Moving forward by cleaning up internals, and releasing some side-projects ahead of time.
  • 16 person multiplayer is coming in an update over the next week. Yay!
  • Tablet orders are going out at a rate of around 50-60 a day. Still plenty in stock, but I’m limiting how many are available each day due to the speed we can ship at.
  • The new store is live in all its glory! I have done my best to make it accessible on all devices down to smartphones. Tablets, stickers and plushies are available, with more products coming soon! Excite.
  • Work continues on the new site. I am focusing on the development of this myself, in an attempt to get beatmap modding into a better state ASAP.
  • The osu! site now uses an image proxy for profile user pages and forum posts. This means it is now 100% SSL traffic, which should make your browser a lot happier (no more broken lock icons in your URL bar). It also means people can’t snoop on you accessing their profiles, and should speed things up a fair bit.
  • Images which are being proxied are also being lazy-loaded. This should reduce the bandwidth you waste on the site by a whole heap. Lazy-loading is done in a way such that it shouldn’t affect your normal browsing experience.
  • I moved the complete admin team to Slack for internal communication. It has been the biggest breakthrough in ages as far as I’m concerned. Managed to get everthing integrated in once place, allowing us to handle support tickets, in-game reports, even reply to forum threads without touching the forum itself! It’s 100% linked to bancho and allows us to moderate from smartphones and receive push notifications without a cumbersome IRC client running on low-powered hardware.
  • Catch the Beat World Cup is currently running and we are streaming it each weekend on the osu!live channel. Make sure to tune in! It’s a lot of fun to watch even if you aren’t a CtB player.
  • This amusing conversation happened.
  • A teacher started using osu! in his classroom. Curious stuff.
  • I may be making a guest appearance at a large upcoming convention!

I need to make an important post about my intentions when it comes to open-sourcing osu!, so look forward to that in the coming weeks. A lot of people seem confused and worried about the implications, but you shouldn’t be. I will not fail you!