a personal challenge

published 24 Aug 2011

Following a twitter conversation with a good friend of mine, I have decided to attempt one-blog-a-day until I run out of interesting things to post about.

My aim is to post on topics that can't fit in a tweet, while not impeding on my schedule to the point where I can't make a daily post. As with all blogging experiments, I'm not sure how long this will last, but you can't do more than start positively and hope for the best.

I do have a good deal of things to post about saved up over the years, but not recorded anywhere, so this will be an impulsive process mostly focusing on what I am currently working on/with.

This will deprecate my previous blog (which can be found at pe.ppy.sh). I considered migrating content, but after weighing up the pros and cons decided to leave it be and start fresh.

It shouldn't need to be said that the majority of the posts will be of technical nature, so if this frightens you, run away now. Run for the hills.

update: looks as if another friend will be participating in this challenge too!