published 09 Jun 2017

Good evening.

Preparations continue for our space at Anime Expo 2017 throughout this week. I’ve been working around the clock (literally, due to opposite time zones!) to organise all the furnishing, electricity, PCs and other gear that we need to make ths event space happen. Stay hyped, because we’re not cutting corners as far as making the osu! space as enjoyable as possible for everyone that attends!

In the spirit of the upcoming 10 years of osu!, let me give you a little present.

Click above for the full 4K download (warning: it’s quite a large file)

Oh, we’ve also made quite a bit of forward lazer progress in a few departments, so let’s get into that!

OSD support for Raw Input and Cursor Sensitivity

When changing cursor sensitivity or toggling raw input, you will now see the current status popup in the OSD. It also gives you a handy tip that you can now hit Ctrl+Alt+R to completely reset the settings, in case you make a mistake and are unable to control your game input.

Implemented by myself, requiring some amount of framework changes to get the reset part working correctly.

Very simplistic implementation of the Social Browser

Currently has nowhere near the functionality we will see in the final implementation, and only displays top-ranked players, but it’s a stepping stone towards the final goal!

Thanks to DrabWeb for his great work modularising these overlays so code can be shared between them all.

Other stuff

  • Drezi126 has started exposing more of the difficulty calculation interface to allow for potential future improvements to the pp algorithm.
  • Various code clean-ups and CI improvements.
  • Scrolling to the bottom of chat channels is now fixed via framework changes by default0.
  • Various issues with raw mouse handler have been resolved.

Try it yourself

2017.609.0 is now available from github releases (or via auto-update if you already have lazer installed)! Keep in mind that this is still very much an alpha release. We do not offer support for it just yet!