published 17 Jun 2015

I think going forward, the hardest part of doing these daily posts is going to be coming up with a unique word for the title. Maybe I’ll stop, or just skip today because I got nothin’!

Another long day of dev. I really look forward to days I can code, so for me this is the best kind of day.

What’s new?

  • I spent half the day tidying up some of our admin interfaces and internal systems, adding new features people that help out have been requesting for a while. While I can’t go into the specifics, let’s say that it makes their jobs easier when dealing with the heavy workload of keeping the peace in osu!.
  • Letterbox mode got some further work put into it. Still ironing out some issues with specific hardware and configurations, so it won’t be on cutting edge just yet, but we’re close.
  • Paid username changes are now live on the store! For now, free changes (first change) are not properly supported, as the store still sends you to paypal to make a payment, but the old name change page still works for this (or you could buy some merch on the side to make it work!). Taking of inactive names is also not available yet, but will be tomorrow.

countries countries countries

Another shortish post today, but let me share a small bonus with you! Here is a look into the kind of detailed stats we track to make sure we know how osu! is being used, and how to best service the community. This page shows a realtime feed of of which countries users are connecting from. The left-hand side is showing cumulative averages for the last 24 hours, while the large graph shows the full running details for the same period. I’ll leave this up for at least a few days; keep it open and it will update automatically as the day goes on :).

Not really going to read into these statistics today, but it’s safe to say that osu! is a very global game!