published 18 Jun 2015

Good morning! I managed to code myself to sleep, and thus am posting today’s entry roughly 4 hours late. How did we fare yesterday?

  • The new username change system is now completely live. Getting it to support free purchases is a bit convoluted for the moment: because there’s no paypal transaction involved, the paypal callback (where the actual username change happens) couldn’t be easily called. Wouldn’t be a problem if the callback logic was already in the new osu!web, but it isn’t ready to be moved yet. Thus I am using a bit of a hack to skip the paypal checkout but still call the callback directly from the new osu!web (it’s secure, but still hacky).
  • Put some time into OS X compatibility with nekodex. Trying to get packaging working well with the new .NET 4 / GL release. For those interested, things are already running pretty much perfectly, but there’s still quite a bit of work to be done on getting it into a distributable (and automatically-updating) package.
  • We converted all the javascript in the new osu!web to coffeescript, so I spent some time learning it (most of that time was me attempting to adjust to two-space-tabs, which I’m still not done with). Mmm, now I want some coffee…

Thanks to everybody using the new username change page! Has been under pretty large initial demand (sometimes in weird ways, thought I foresee that decreasing as those of you that were waiting for their second name change for years finish making use of it. As the new system is now live for all cases, I will begin redirecting to it for all username changes from today onwards.

Oh, and now would be a good time to mention that we also changed the inactive username calculation method. New formula is (0.5 + play_count / 500) years from last login. For a user with a play-count (combined over all modes) of 680, you’d have to wait 1.86 years – or 678 days – from their last login. This replaces the old rules, where users must have had a fixed combined play-count under 500. Should allow for some of the manual requests for usernames on-the-verge of being inactive to be automated.

Tomorrow (later today) I want to do a comprehensive write-up on the current situation of the GL release (cutting-edge and beta); where we are and where we want to be. The short answer is that we are still quite far away from being able to release it, but it’s safe to say it’s in a better shape than ever before.