published 20 Jul 2015

Happy Monday to everyone! Another quick update post:

  • I managed to stream on Sunday! Thanks to everyone who made this relatively short stream a thoroughly enjoyable one. I hope to do it again soon.
  • Making good progress on the next public release. At the point where we can release any time; I’m just figuring the best strategy of release as far as timing goes.
  • The Slack team has proven to be useful in not only testing cutting-edge bugs but provoking some very interesting conversations! So far I’m pretty happy with the small community that has gathered there :).
  • Made great progress on the next osu!keyboard order. We’re almost ready to beging a production run of 2,000 units, so keep a look out for more information as it comes.

I realise I didn’t post a Q&A post on the weekend. I will be doing some more Q&A from tomorrow to make up for it. Trust that if I miss a post it’s for the best; this weekend that just passed was a very productive one!

Let’s make this week a great one.