Mapping With Rewards (Sep. 2015)

published 26 Sep 2015

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but in recent times I’ve been pushing to get more original content in osu!. As in music we can call our own; Tracks we can stream and share without worrying about licensing; Songs we can map into a diverse range of difficulties to suit all.

After bugging cYsmix for almost a year about helping out with this initiative, I seem to have finally convinced him. Welcome him onboard as one of the first official osu! artists. Here is the first batch of songs:

cYsmix - Manic

A complextro track with many fine details which should suit to an extremely wide range of difficulties. 150bpm fast.

Download your pre-timed osz here.

cYsmix - House With Legs

A disco house track at a (relatively) laid-back 128bpm. Plenty of fun rifs and rhythms to map in this one.

Download your pre-timed osz here.

cYsmix - Dovregubben’s Hall (New Ver.)

Our first classical throwback of a song known to many as “In the Hall of the Mountain King”. Written originally in 1867 by a Norwegian artist; remixed by a Norwegian in 2015. 140 bpm.

Download your pre-timed osz here.

We have run mapping contests over time, but the general overhead with these is pretty high. Gathering judges, setting deadlines – you know the drill. This time I’m going to try doing an open bounty, instead. Anyone wishing to map these tracks can go ahead and do so (in your mode of choice). Once you get it completed to a rankable state – preferably actually ranked! – we’ll check your map and if it is amazingly awesome you will get the bounty for it, and your map will be bundled/marked as an official map.

Bounty offered for a full set (non-collab / single game mode):

  • Song bundled with client (for a limited period of time)
  • $50 osu!store credit
  • 6 months supporter tag
  • Unique profile badge


  • There will be one winner per song. We may choose the first to appear if it’s mindblowingly amazing, or wait for other entries to compare before making a choice.
  • We reserve the right to choose the background image for your map when ranked (we are trying to get an artist to make a themed set for these releases!).
  • Collaborations are not allowed. This is a personal decision; I feel single-creator sets give the most conformity.
  • Unlike standard contests, I have the final judgement on winners.
  • Please don’t map the 8-bit outros! They are supposed to play at the result screen.

I’ll keep an eye out for ranked submissions, but you can also post your map in the comments here once you are done if you want it looked at. Note that we are planning on adding new tracks every month, so if none of these suit your style then stay tuned!