Mapping With Rewards (Oct. 2015)

published 27 Oct 2015

Thanks to everyone who participated in the last round of Mapping With Rewards. I still haven’t had time to go through all the submissions, but I’ve come up with some which I really like. I’ll get around to finalising the results this week or weekend.

Coming at you with round 2 of our original music selection. cYsmix doing what he does best, delivering a spooky selection of three tracks that are perfectly fitting for Halloween.

cYsmix - Fright March

This one’s an electro/trance hybrid, 160 BPM (which I think is a nice tempo for osu!) With this song, I wanted to both challenge seasoned players, as well as provide a fun and simple melody for newcomers to play - and I think I did a good job!”

Download your pre-timed osz here.

cYsmix - Moonlight Sonata

This is, naturally, not an original by me. The original was made in 1801 by Beethoven, and I wanted to put my own Trance spin on it, and it fit well with the halloween theme this month (since it does kind of have an eerie atmosphere around it!) I think this has a lot of potential for the majority of map difficulties, and I’m looking forward to seeing this one mapped in particular. It’s 128BPM, Trance.

Download your pre-timed osz here.

cYsmix - Classic Pursuit

Back to a somewhat fast-paced 140BPM Tech Dance track, heavily inspired by a lot of retro sounds, which I still managed to sound somewhat eerie somehow. Since there’s a lot of variety on this one, I’m not sure what to expect from the maps to come from this - but I’m excited! It was a lot of fun to make, but gave me a bunch of trouble.

Download your pre-timed osz here.

I’ll be offering rewards similar to last time:

Anyone wishing to map these tracks can go ahead and do so (in your mode of choice). Once you get it completed to a rankable state – preferably actually ranked! – we’ll check your map and if it is amazingly awesome you will get the bounty for it, and your map will be bundled/marked as an official map.

Bounty offered for a full set (non-collab / single game mode):

  • Song bundled with client (for a limited period of time)
  • $50 osu!store credit
  • 6 months supporter tag
  • Unique profile badge


  • There will be one winner per song. We may choose the first to appear if it’s mindblowingly amazing, or wait for other entries to compare before making a choice.
  • We reserve the right to choose the background image for your map when ranked (we are trying to get an artist to make a themed set for these releases!).
  • Collaborations are not allowed. This is a personal decision; I feel single-creator sets give the most conformity.
  • Unlike standard contests, I have the final judgement on winners.
  • Please don’t map the 8-bit/piano outros! They are supposed to play at the result screen.

I’ll keep an eye out for ranked submissions, but you can also post your map in the comments here once you are done if you want it looked at. Note that we are planning on adding new tracks every month, so if none of these suit your style then stay tuned!