published 30 Oct 2015

Sometimes it’s very easy to spot all the things wrong with this world. Working around people who just don’t live up to your expectations, dealing with fulfilment APIs that make suicide seem like a good option, almost getting hit by a taxi driver consciously going through a red light…

So, in the face of negativity, I bring you a short-list of thing I believe are amazingly correct in this world. Because the people doing a good job don’t get called out for it often enough.

As a foreword, this list is going to be quite broad and random. Just things which I have been in contact with recently which I feel like sharing.

Slack, oh slack. Without you I would not be able to keep up with the daily flow of information. Not stopping at just replacing IRC, trello and god knows what other communication apps, Slack’s integration APIs offer endless possibilities when it comes to centralising, automating, summarising and processing information.

Discord. Yes, it’s a Slack clone. A slack clone with voice support. Aiming to replace apps by the likes of Skype, Teamspeak, Ventrillo (and doing a good job at beating them all). Being completely free to use may raise warning bells, but they seem to have enough financial support to make this feasible.

The CARROT app range. iOS development done right. As far as I can tell, one guy behind a series of apps with the exactly right amount of attitude, style and functionality. Some real innovative features which I haven’t seen elsewhere (Alarm and Weather are the ones I’m using on a daily basis), backed by timely and useful updates.

The Atom text editor. I’m finally at the point where I can recommend this over Sublime Text. While startup performance is still shockingly behind, runtime performance is now almost on-par with ST3. I am currently transitioning away from ST3 due to the negligence of the developer behind it. I’d suggest you do the same, at your earliest convenience.

GitHub, for always being there. Nothing really needs to be said here, but honestly, where would we be without you?

DigitalOcean. Honestly the only datacenter/vps/hosting provider I can recommend. These guys are pure love. If you value customer support over everything (which you honestly should when you are putting your hosting in someone else’s hands) there is really no other choice.

Chris Roberts / Star Citizen, the only game I am anticipating and hyped for. Say what you will about the development process, but I believe this project has already succeeded in ways we’ve never seen before. They’ve released content of amazing calibre, from their web UX to already playable – and fun – sandbox game modes. The future is exciting.

Kurzgesagt, now known as “In a Nutshell”. A group of designers creating quality content with the pure purpose of sharing information. Infographics in motion. Quality > Quantity. Subscribe if you haven’t already.

Oh, and if you missed it, we are getting portable osu! installs on USB sticks later this year. Completely metal body – everyone who has touched the sample has been blown away by how amazing it feels. Very limited qualities available soon.

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