published 12 Nov 2015

Went a few days without blogs. Sorry about that!

Performance Issues

I’ve been working long and hard with anyone still experiencing performance issues in the new osu! releases, and don’t plan on stopping until every last person is happy. Finally we’re making some good forwards progress with this, too!

  • Fixed a number of thread scheduling issues.
  • Moved all threads created in osu! to pools to avoid thread creation overhead.
  • Reduced overall GL call count per frame.
  • Removed all redundant GL calls (state changes where not needed etc.).
  • Removed all deprecated GL calls.
  • Improved texture colour conversion performance (should help with videos).
  • Made changes to net code to (hopefully) fix all remaining cross-thread contention issues.
  • Improved messaging in options when compatibility mode is being used.
  • Added a multitude of debug toggles to cutting edge so users can help us test various scenarios.

Plenty of breaking fun along the way!


We also released osu! World Cup profile banners over the weekend, which have been met with astounding enthusiasm! Thanks to everyone who is supporting this effort; it helps us make sure we can provide the best tournament experience and also give back to the best players out there. I’ll be releasing stats on the banner sales, including a ranking of which countries got the most financial support a bit later on!

We did have some issues with streaming matches due to a weird bug which surfaced causing osu! and OBS to crash in one huge mess. We’re working on a fix for this, and also ensuring we have dedicated streaming hardware from this weekend onwards. Make sure to tune in again this weekend :).

Made it to the 10th year anniversary live of Chatmonchy yesterday. Was an amazing concert! Ended with heart-shaped paper planes raining from the skies!