published 17 Nov 2015

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Recent account compromises

It has come to my attention that over the last few days a lot of osu! livestreamers have been hacked. The common link seems to be that they all had active xsplit accounts (which was hacked in 2013, leaking all passwords). This means that the said users were using the same password across twitch, twitter, osu! and more. First and foremost, if you are doing something like this, LEAVE RIGHT NOW AND CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS. Get a password manager and set one password per service!

Even though I am confident that osu! was not involved in the leaking of any details, I am making sure further such attempts will not result in osu! accounts being compromised. Starting yesterday I began rolling out email verification for certain account actions. Going forward, we will also be adding email verification to the game client, but this will require a touch more implementation. Expect it in the near future.

Further optimisations

I’m still not giving up on resolving the issues people are having with the new stable releases. There’s still plenty of avenues to explore in an effort to get osu! running smoothly on all systems. That said, we have made significant progress and the number of people complaining has dropped to the point I’m struggling to find people to test with. A good sign indeed.

Was linked an interesting article in the comments of a previous blog. Definitely worth a read if you want to know what we’re facing. Some may ask “then why opengl?” but I still believe it is the correct path forward for maximum compatibility. Just give us a bit more time to work things out!