early-bird contributors

published 18 May 2016

In our efforts to release the osu! client as open source, we still have a lot of clean-up and refactoring that needs to be done. I’ve been putting in as much of my own time as possible to make this happen, but things are still a bit slower than I’m hoping for.

Last meeting I made the decision to fork what is known as “lazer” into a new git repository. The purpose of this would be to remove all history, confidential code, deprecated systems etc. and provide a new starting point for the open source future.

While we are not ready to make the open source project available, I am now seeking developers who are interested in helping out before this happens. Because this is an effort to increase efficiency, applicant criteria are very strict, so make sure to read the carefully before applying:

  • Agree to work under a non-open source licence (all contributions would be copyright ppy Pty Ltd).
  • Have a confident knowledge of c# 6.0 and be able to prove it with github projects.
  • Have a confident knowledge of tree-based rendering.
  • Willing to work on specific areas we require you to focus on.
  • Be an amicable person.
  • Happy to work without rewards (though as always, I will try to reward significant contributions at rates beyond expectations).
  • Have enough free time over the next few months to contribute at a decent rate.

If interested, contact using a plain text email at lazer@ppy.sh. Include a link to your github profile and any reasons you want to be included on this project. I will give precedence to people who I am familiar with.

Don’t necessarily expect a reply; I’ll only reply to those people who we decide are good fits for the team. Also keep in mind that we are not ready to accept contributors so replying may take a week or two.

If you apply but miss out, please don’t be disheartened! This is a very targeted team only to help us prepare osu! for mainstream contributions. You will have your chance soon :).