published 07 Aug 2015

I received a few emails recently asking why there were hold-ups with API bug fixes and improvements. Looking back at the commit log, it was quite apparently how forgotten the API has been in recent times, so I spent half a day going through the most active issues and fixing what I could.

So why do things like this get “forgotten”? It’s not like I’m purposely avoiding the API in this case. With the new osu!web in active development, it just doesn’t make sense to continue adding new features to the old framework. But I get you – completely abandoning something like the API can stall development for your external projects, and therefore I plan on committing more time to keeping the API offerings growing in the old framework until we have the new systems up and running.

Going forward, I plan to make the API offered for public access completely shared with the API used by the actual osu! site and game. This means that not only will there be less code paths for us to manage, but that third-party developers will be able to access (mostly) everything you can find in-game or on the official site. There will of course be some limitations in place where required for safety/privacy reasons, but I hope to make things as open as possible in a hope to foster some amazingly imaginative and useful additions to the osu! ecosystem.

So if you are a developer and have something you’d like to see added right now to the API, leave an issue on the above repo (make sure to search first to make sure it doesn’t already exist; if it does, add a comment with your purpose for the feature to give it more priority)!

Have a great weekend guys. I’ll try and do either some streaming or Q&A over the weekend time-permissive, so keep a watch on twitter :).



published 06 Aug 2015

Was a kind of NOOP day. Following up on legal issues, getting the next t-shirt designs into production, catching up on email and sleep. Was some progress on the new osu! website profiles for those of you following along. See if you can find the differences!



published 05 Aug 2015

Yesterday, apart from revealing the new profile cover image system, I made a commit which should satisfy the needs of a lot of players out there that have been requesting the ability to remove slider start or end circles.

You are now able to skin (or remove) each of these separately, along with their overlay counterparts. In short, the four new skinnable files were added:

  • sliderstartcircle
  • sliderstartcircleoverlay
  • sliderendcircle
  • sliderendcircleoverlay

This allows for effects such as this:

It’s not actually the first time I’ve tried to fulfil this feature request, but due to the way sliders are rendered internally – and how convoluted the code is behind them – I’ve always stopped halfway. Even with this implementation, there are a few shortcomings which I will address in the future (animation and rotation related).

As an update on osu!keyboards, the production of the next batch has now begun (finally!), which means I should have more regular updates for you over the coming weeks.

Tom has also been busy pushing many graphic related optimisations to the cutting-edge branch, so do make sure to check that out if you have previously had issues with the cutting-edge (opengl) implementation. Any feedback is much appreicated, as always.



published 03 Aug 2015

Recently I’ve been abusing Google Inbox to schedule distracting tasks from the week until the Monday of the week after, which makes Mondays into a kind of catch-up day. Hot weather continue in Tokyo, with mid-30s maximums (apparent temperature hits 43-45 due to the insane humidity levels) and not much of a break at night either.

A few brief updates:

  • There’s currently a poll open to choose which t-shirt designs should be produced next. Feel free to go vote if you haven’t already, although the winners this round already seem to have been decided.

  • Got some new arrivals to jizz user profiles, with user pages making a reappearance today and more to come likely tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled!

  • Making progress on the next osu!keyboard order (here’s a sneak peak of one of the changes we’re making next batch). Doing business internationally can be a truly gruelling process; the last few days of follow-up just to get money where it needs to be have been quite exhausting.

As far as progress on the next osu! release goes, I’ve been spending a good part of my time merging in bug fixes that have been piling up over the last month. We still have a lot to fix, but part of getting things right is understanding exactly which users are experiencing problems, and whether those problems need to be fixed at our end or the user’s end.