published 10 Jul 2015

Finished the new tournament registration system! Was hoping to release a video of the whole process in action, but the only video I managed to record ends with me not meeting the rank requirements (and getting an error message to the face). Needless to say, it will be live on Monday for everyone to view and test out. Actually, it already is, so if you’re cunning enough you can probably check it out for yourself :).

We also now have the ability to change the letterbox position on cutting-edge builds thanks to Tom94. You are no longer limited to having the osu! “window” area placed in the exact centre of your screen when using letterboxing! Go give it a test on cutting edge and let me know if you would change the letterbox position, or were happy with it being centered.

Thanks again for your questions earlier today on twitter. I will be posting Q&A mid-weekend as per last week, since that worked pretty nicely with my weekly schedule (and means you get 6 posts a week instead of 5).



published 09 Jul 2015

Made some more good progress on the tournament listing/registration system today. My desktop capture app is a bit broken so nothing to show, but you will see it soon enough as we open registrations for the next official mania world cup early next week! Also fixed a few more issues with the osu! client (combo bursts look correct again on the new draw system).

I had a couple of requests to make web-based audio previews use html5 audio rather than flash, and as someone recently linked me the horribly simple implementation to do so, they are now live on the current osu! web beatmap listing – just click a thumbnail. Youtube previews are also able to use html5 playback where possible, too. This should make the osu! site a 100% flash-free environment (which is great, considering the consistent stream of exploits found in flash)

osu! running on OS X natively is in a good state, and we are beginning to look at ensuring the update system works so we can do some public-faced testing.

Nice to see the occasional map come out which isn’t focused purely on difficulty, has a good sense of rhythm, no overmapping and some really nicely suiting custom hit sounds. Check out MAGIC! - Rude mapped by XeroiZi HD for a map that I can get behind :).



published 08 Jul 2015

Between participating in an osu!talk session with flyte (our second together so far; listen to the first here), celebrating a friend leaving the country and figuring out issues with my local development environment, I ran quite short on time today. Most of my productive time was funnelled in to the new tournament registration system, which needs to be ready for the upcoming osu!mania world cup. Here’s a preview:

That’s all I got for you today. If you check around on jizz you may just find something else has been updated over the last 24 hours too :).



published 07 Jul 2015

Today I started to tackle the few remaining areas where our new draw hierarchy was still failing: input and options. In the process, I learnt that osu! currently has almost 400 different unique options in the options menu. That’s quite a lot.

The current options menu is probably also the most advanced UI system in the whole of osu!. How do you guys like it? Are you making use of the search-anything functionality it offers? Do the tabs serve their purpose in allowing quick access to specific options groups?

We we are finally approaching the stage that this branch can be merged into master and pushed to cutting-edge for public testing! All that remains to fix are some gameplay issues (resizing of sprites based on active mods, flashlight overlays, sliders).

This turned out to be quite a huge project, but is a necessary evil to fix before open-source is considered (not to mention a prerequisite for osu!next design implementations!).

I’d show you more videos of breakage, but everything is working as expected ;).



published 06 Jul 2015

Between continued work on fixing the remaining issues with the new draw hierachy and working through behind-the-scenes maintenance tasks, I find myself pretty tired by the end of a day. Then I realise I haven’t written a blog post yet!

I guess I’ll share with you what I got done today in a very raw fashion for a change! Enjoy some git logs :).

Hope everyone is having a productive start to the week. Here’s my current background music of choice: some amazing new age piano I came across while working from a cafe. Been enjoying some quieter music recently; I may have worn my ears out overdosing on Zedd over the last couple of months ^^;.