published 26 Oct 2015

Today we pushed out some design updates to the new forum system to allow for easier navigation when browsing threads. It should help those of you out there that are feeling the need for pagination. Go check them out.

Also pushed out a new stable (fallback) release which prompts users to switch to stable40 (latest) in a more in-your-face way. If your PC meets the requirements, you will now see a banner on your main menu urging you to update. You should totally give it a try!

Yes, we are aware there are still performance issues for some users on the new stable release. I have made a thread specifically for those which are still affected so we can try and get enough information to track down exactly what is causing these remaining issues. Keep in mind you can always find us devs on our public slack network if you’d like a more real-time interaction.

osu!keyboards have been selling like hotcakes, forcing us to close down new orders while we catch up on shipping them out. We’re doing our best, so please be patient :).



published 23 Oct 2015

Pushed out some recent changes to sliders today. These change the way sliders are drawn for better consistency and readability.

1. The start and end circles are no longer included in the slider body. This means that after you hit them, they will explode away and you will only see the slider body remaining.

Reasoning: A lot of people already skin slider circles out. By drawing circles on the body texture as well, this introduced scenarios where skinning would result in unwanted side-effects. It also made little sense from a visual perspective to have hitcircles remain when they weren’t actually hittable.

2. Slider bodies now fade out gradually when playing with hidden mod. This allows for better readability (ability to see notes underneath the sliders) while also feeling more in-line with what hidden mod actually stands for.

Reasoning: Up until now, it didn’t make sense to have the slider bodies remain completely visible. With the change above, having the bodies remain visible looked especially out of place. We tested various ways of approaching this, and this was the best we came up with.

I know there will be some of you out there jumping up-and-down complaining that this makes HD harder, but please, try playing with it for a few days before you make a judgement. Many of those testing have said it actually increases readability when playing hD. The body is still visible almost until the end of the active time, so it is in fact quite playable!

These changes will be left on Cutting Edge stream to simmer for a while. We won’t be pushing them out to stable until OWC is over, so rest-assured it will not affect the imminent competitive scene.



published 21 Oct 2015

Today I rewrote the spinner class. There were quite a few issues with alignment and accuracy which I wasn’t willing to tackle without first tidying up the mess of code which it was. Took far more time than I’d like it to have, but at least that’s one more class which is in a legible state!

  • Managed to deploy the new build of bancho. We’re now ready to support IPv6 connections, when I get around to testing and re-enabling them client-side. Should improve reliability for some areas of the world.

  • I’m considering switching from white to black for osu! tablets, going for a more professional look with the next order. It would end up looking something like this (likely with a more elaborate design). Also looking at including rechargeable higher-quality pens as default.

  • osu!keyboards have been shipped to Japan and we are just waiting to receive them now before we can start selling them again. Keep an eye out if you’ve been waiting!

  • We finalised an osu! mug design and have placed the initial order today. Expect to see some stylish mugs on the store in the coming months, perfect for your morning (or evening?) coffee!

The moon last night was quite spectacular. Have a moon.



published 19 Oct 2015

I spent today working on deploying and testing multitude of fixes of bancho, which will likely be deployed tomorrow. THis includes fixes for IPv6 location support as well as many reliability/future-proofing improvements.

osu! got featured this morning on the #1 most subscribed youtube channel PewDiePie. Pretty cool achievement, I guess! I welcome any new players that find the game over the coming days with open arms (and hope the rest of you guys can help do so as well)!

This has seen a pretty sizeable spike in traffic. It’s nice to see the servers getting a workout for a change! Nothing they can’t handle :).

Some fixes have been deployed to the new osu!web forums. Image dimensions are now prefilled, causing less jumpiness when scrolling through threads (especially upwards). There is also support for clicking images to zoom in. We have plenty more usability improvements planned over this week, so keep an eye out and leave us your feedback!



published 16 Oct 2015

Busy day today.

Finally published the stable40 release stream. A lot of work behind-the-scenes to make this happen.

Many people are still having performance issues with the new OpenGL release, so I haven’t yet enabled automatic switching from stable to stable40. You may notice that your client is now on release stream Stable (Fallback) if you were previously on stable. This means you have not yet been migrated to stable40 (which is now known as just “Stable”).

You are free to change between these two release streams as you wish. We will be maintaining both for the foreseeable future (at least six months) while we stabilise performance on compatibility on the newly released stable build.

Oh, and a lot has changed between stable and stable40.

p.s. I didn’t get around to posting the new OS X bundle, but if you download the one I posted yesterday and let osu! auto-update you should be good to go :).