published 21 Oct 2015

Today I rewrote the spinner class. There were quite a few issues with alignment and accuracy which I wasn’t willing to tackle without first tidying up the mess of code which it was. Took far more time than I’d like it to have, but at least that’s one more class which is in a legible state!

  • Managed to deploy the new build of bancho. We’re now ready to support IPv6 connections, when I get around to testing and re-enabling them client-side. Should improve reliability for some areas of the world.

  • I’m considering switching from white to black for osu! tablets, going for a more professional look with the next order. It would end up looking something like this (likely with a more elaborate design). Also looking at including rechargeable higher-quality pens as default.

  • osu!keyboards have been shipped to Japan and we are just waiting to receive them now before we can start selling them again. Keep an eye out if you’ve been waiting!

  • We finalised an osu! mug design and have placed the initial order today. Expect to see some stylish mugs on the store in the coming months, perfect for your morning (or evening?) coffee!

The moon last night was quite spectacular. Have a moon.



published 19 Oct 2015

I spent today working on deploying and testing multitude of fixes of bancho, which will likely be deployed tomorrow. THis includes fixes for IPv6 location support as well as many reliability/future-proofing improvements.

osu! got featured this morning on the #1 most subscribed youtube channel PewDiePie. Pretty cool achievement, I guess! I welcome any new players that find the game over the coming days with open arms (and hope the rest of you guys can help do so as well)!

This has seen a pretty sizeable spike in traffic. It’s nice to see the servers getting a workout for a change! Nothing they can’t handle :).

Some fixes have been deployed to the new osu!web forums. Image dimensions are now prefilled, causing less jumpiness when scrolling through threads (especially upwards). There is also support for clicking images to zoom in. We have plenty more usability improvements planned over this week, so keep an eye out and leave us your feedback!



published 16 Oct 2015

Busy day today.

Finally published the stable40 release stream. A lot of work behind-the-scenes to make this happen.

Many people are still having performance issues with the new OpenGL release, so I haven’t yet enabled automatic switching from stable to stable40. You may notice that your client is now on release stream Stable (Fallback) if you were previously on stable. This means you have not yet been migrated to stable40 (which is now known as just “Stable”).

You are free to change between these two release streams as you wish. We will be maintaining both for the foreseeable future (at least six months) while we stabilise performance on compatibility on the newly released stable build.

Oh, and a lot has changed between stable and stable40.

p.s. I didn’t get around to posting the new OS X bundle, but if you download the one I posted yesterday and let osu! auto-update you should be good to go :).



published 15 Oct 2015

  • Experimenting with slider drawing by decoupling the “hitcircles” from the track, so after they explode they are no longer visible. You can see some progress here and here, but there’s still more tweaking to be done.

  • I made a new site to keep OS X users up-to-date with the latest information on new releases. Meet osx.ppy.sh!

  • Packaged up a new OS X release. The wrapper is running .NET 2.0 and sitting on stable, and is in a pretty good state. I’ve made some fixes at the osu! client end which will be pushed out tomorrow, so I’d recommend you wait until that update goes live, but you’re free to test the bundle out (or just read about the progress) if you’d like.

  • Preparing for a stable (.NET 2.0) release to address the said wine issues. There’s a bit to be done to make this happen, but I’m waiming for tomorrow.

  • Finally got around to bringing ppy.sh up-to-date with new ppy design. Hope you guys like it!



published 14 Oct 2015

  • Fixed spinners being positioned incorrectly at 5:4 resolutions (who the hell uses these, anyway?)
  • Finally got automatic rollback working for users which get errors on startup after switching to cutting-edge. This will help when we do a stable release, to allow users to return to a working state without the inconvenience of reinstalling/repairing manually.
  • Added a banner to give more visibility to the new forum design. Apart from the features that are missing, I really feel it’s a better user experience than the existing one, so getting more users to test it out is win-win. Make sure to report any bugs at the github issue tracker (or fix them yourself!!).
  • Improved exception handling on background threads. There were a few cases where the user would see default exception handler dialog boxes, but these are no more. Pippi will take care of your errors no matter where they happen, from now on!
  • Continued battling with Wine and Wineskin to create a working OS X release. Hopefully I’ll have something ready for tomorrow. It won’t be the native release you’re hoping for, but at least it will run on El Capitan in the mean-time.
  • osu!keyboards experienced a minor delay (3 days or so) but should still be shipping out of China this week. Which means we should receive them next week (and start selling them at that point). Thank you all for your patience; I’m sure you understand just how much is involved in keeping a game and a store and everything else running at the same time. And attempting to keep people happy.