published 13 Oct 2015

For those that have been waiting, the new multiplayer scoring algorithm is now on the Beta release stream. Go give it some testing and provide feedback in the feedback thread should you have any qualms.

I worked today on some further networking diagnostics as we approach the next season of world cup tournaments. I hope to make bancho disconnects a thing of the past. Also caught up on email and other boring stuff which really doesn’t belong here. Sometimes I wish I could just code all day long~.



published 12 Oct 2015

Today I was finally able to coax .NET into letting me choose between IPv4 and IPv6 connection methods. This is something I had been trying to do for a while, and was ready to resort to yet another third-party library to do so. Fingers crossed, connectivity issues being experienced on cutting-edge should now be a thing of the past. If you are still experience issues, get on public slack #cuttingedge and prod me until I debug it with you.

Honestly, things are looking quite good with cutting-edge right now, with more people switched over than ever before (around 7.3% of users on CE, with another 4.1% on Beta). May just do a proper stable release this week!

In other news, a few changes have been made to the new multiplayer scoring algorithm:

  • Mod multipliers now affect the whole score (except spinner bonus).
  • HR multiplier increased to 1.1x.
  • DT multiplier increased to 1.2x.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further feedback for the new scoring system.



published 09 Oct 2015

New scoring algorithm was today’s focus. Need to get it out for testing well before OWC starts so we can ensure it’s ready for the tournament.

  • Only usable in multiplayer (select Score V2 from the “Win Condition” dropdown).
  • Only works properly if every user in mp game is on cutting-edge. This will be enforced by bancho soon.
  • Disables online ranking for now.
  • Max Score is 1,000,000 plus spinner bonus.
  • 70% of the 1m is (combo / 10 + 1) * base_hit_values.
  • 30% of the 1m is accuracy ^ 10.
  • Mod multipliers are only applied to the combo portion of the score.
  • During play your score may decrease to account for accuracy loss.
  • Will be subject to further tweaking. The 70/30 split is arbitrary (based loosely on pp) and will be adjusted as necessary.
  • Slider start circles now have accuracy judgement. If you hit them in the 100 or 50 accuracy range, that will cap the maximum score you can get from the slider as a whole.

Go test it out on cutting edge!

In the process I cleaned up a lot of the internal scoring logic. I also made sure to implement it in a way that we can still allow online score submission even when the new algorithm is being displayed.

Also spent some time improving the debug OSD to be more usable and present assertions rather than using the ugly default .NET popup.



published 08 Oct 2015

  • More effort sunk into increasing reliability of netcode. Seems like there were some oversights at Microsoft’s end which require manual workarounds to ensure requests don’t block execution. Fixes still aren’t complete yet, so don’t panic if your CE install is running a bit wonky!
  • We decided to move where the “me!” section is displayed in the new osu!web profile pages. I think it makes a bit more sense now.
  • Added a few new bounties on osu!web. More coming, for sure. If you have been watching but haven’t attempted a bounty yet, please let me know why! I want to get as much manpower behind the new web implementation as possible.
  • Made progress on the scoring implementation for OWC. Quite a bit of framework to clean up before it’ll be done, but I’m aiming to have it up for testing by the weekend.
  • Moved some focus back on getting osu! running natively on OS X, as we are having issues with getting the Wine version running at all since the latest El Capitan release. With a bit of luck we should have something promising for you OS X users in the next week or two.


published 07 Oct 2015

Hoping to get blog updates back on track starting tomorrow! Have been prioritising productivity over transparency as I’ve had less time than usual to focus on osu! work over the last few days. Still focused on OWC preparations, but a lot of other things have been going on in the background.

  • Added support to bancho for IPv6 location detection (not yet deployed; should happen tomorrow).
  • Made osu! automatically increase the area searched for “Nearby” users where previously none were displayed. Should help those in isolated towns feel a bit less lonely!
  • Cleaned up order history and addresses for the osu!store system to address a long standing issue

You may notice some new changes have gone live on jizz, including profile additions (Recent Activity, Kudosu) and font changes for forum posts to hopefully improve readability.

Things to check out in the community from the last week:

  • Use Lemmmy’s “osu!next Signature Generator” to generate a cool customisable user pane for yourself.
  • Check the two maps featuring cYsmix’s osu! original songs which are already in qualified state here and here! Looking pretty good (but still too early to call any final shots ;).